Apply for Sam’s Club Credit Card Online | Application Status Check

The Sam’s Club MasterCard is a great credit card. Apply for Sam’s Club Credit Card online at or visit the store and earn 5% cash back on instant approval. You can submit the Sam’s Club Credit Card application online or visit your local Club. You can also apply for a Sams Club Direct account via phone at (888) 746-7726.

Some Benefits and Features

Sam’s club card is issued by Synchrony Bank. If you’re interested in Sam’s Club Card, please note that it has some very nice and decent rewards on gas, travel, and dining expenses. The card features no annual fee with providing 3% and 5% on spending.

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However, Sam’s club credit card has no great bonuses you expect to jump for big perks. Moreover, if you’re looking to earn some big rewards at Sam’s Club or Walmart, this card is not the answer – The Sam’s Club MasterCard offers very high rewards and is a fantastic value. Some of the major feature are:

  • Good for earning cash back
  • All rewards are mailed to consumers once per year
  • Very high rewards
  • Get 5% cash back at most U.S. gas stations, up to $6,000 in purchases per year
  • Earn 3% cash back on dining and travel purchases
  • Receive 1% back on everything else
  • No Annual Fee
  • 14.9% 22.9% Variable purchase APR
  • Doubles as your membership card
  • Annual cash back payout capped at $5,000

So, compare and benefit, rewards and interest rate of Sams club credit card with other cards like Walmart MasterCard and submit Sam’s club credit card application online or directly at store to get instant approval. If your credit score is more than enough, that matches with your Fisco score and credit history, Sam’s club credit card pre-approval is not an uphill task. Let us learn how.

How to Apply for Sam’s Club Credit Card Application Online:

Although there are multiple ways customers can apply for Sam’s Club credit card. Apply now and earn big bucks back for buying in bulk. If you’re interested in applying for Sams club MasterCard or creditcard, feel free to head over the following step by step guide.

Application Requirements:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have a government issued photo ID
  • Have a valid Social Security Number
  • Bank account
  • A clear credit history
  • More than a require credit score
  • Pc or mobile with internet access

Sam’s Club Credit Card Application Step by Step:

  1. Visit the Application Page Online
  2. Compare cards, between business to consumer cards and select a card and press the button “Apply Today
  3. If you’re in hurry, press the “Check Out as Guest” button. But this is the old option. For now, press “Join now” link given just after “Not a Sam’s Club member? Non-members pay 10% more than members.” statement
  4. Select between sam’s plus, sam’s business, sam’s saving credit card by pressing “Join now” button given
  5. Answer “Are you a business owner?” in “yes” or “no” and press “Continue
  6. Fill the form with required information, such as: First Name & Last Name, Street Address, City Name, State Name, Zip Code, Phone Number etc.
  7. Create your online profile for Sam’s Club credit card
  8. Finally, submit your Sams club credit card application online

Check Application Status of Sams Club Card

You can apply for Sam’s club credit card on phone, by mail or by directly visiting the store. Don’t forget you check application status after you’ve applied for Sam’s credit card. Please contact following addresses for check Sam’s Club card Application Status.

Cancel Credit Card

Applicants can cancel the Sam’s club credit card application while sam club credit card processing. You can contact Sam’s Club Customer Service to cancel your credit card application. However, before cancellation, please check the Application Status of your Sams credit card.

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